Thursday, 18 November 2010

A Gentle, Happy Door

On a gray day when the weather is cold and dreary, if you walk by this door, I'm sure you will smile. At first glance, it's beauty is subtle, but if you take a moment and let your eyes wander around this door, you will find that it is happy and seems to have the function not only of a door, but of making people smile. It's dainty flowers at the top of a simple trellis are always in bloom even if the sun is far, far away and snow is on the ground. It's soft green color caresses you them a chance to take a rest in a world that seems to be constantly in motion and often out of focus. I have to say that when I look at this door, I feel peaceful.


Malyss said...

The green color, the flowers and the baby above seem to say that it's the door of a happy house..I'm sure that places send invisible waves, and you surely are sensitive enough to catch them!

Pat Tillett said...

Very pretty and inviting!